Ondomo Status

The limited run of 100 instruments which inventor Naoyuki Omo has committed to building has now been depleted. As we prepare what is next from Ondomo, we ask that those who are interested please contact us to be added to our information newsletter. Thank you for your interest and your passion for this instrument - it is a source of inspiration and fuels all the hard work to come.

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Ondes Martenot Cafe

Our small café in Asakusa, Tokyo has now become a complete production factory! As a result the cafe is currently closed to the public, but still functions as a rendezvous spot for those interested in purchasing Ondomo.

About Ondomo


  • 4 octave keyboard with lateral movement for natural, expressive vibrato
  • Ring controller for continuous control over pitch across full keyboard range
  • Highly expressive 'touche d'intensité' for minute control over instrument volume
  • Martenot-inspired tiroir (control box) with timbre, mixing and pitch controls
  • Analog oscillators hand-soldered and assembled in Tokyo, Japan
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 64cm - 25 3/16"
    • Height: 15cm - 5 15/16"
    • Depth: 17cm - 6 11/16"
  • Height (with attached legs) lid closed: 77 cm - 30 5/16"
  • Height (with attached legs and music stand): 104cm - 40 15/16"
  • Weight: approx 6kg - 13 1/4 lbs
  • Outputs: 1/4" speaker/diffuser and line outs
  • Accessories: Legs / Power Adapter / Volume pedal (optional)

  • Ondomo "100 Limited Edition" Quick Start v1.0 (Manual)[DOWNLOAD]

Ondomo - Legacy Of Love

With over 16 years of research into what makes the ondes Martenot a singular electronic instrument, this revolutionary compact design from Japan brings accessibility, ease of transport and playability to Maurice Martenot's original vision.

With Ondomo you can bring the music with you anytime and anywhere, packing an impressive list of features into a fully contained instrument that's just 64 cm wide (just over 25"). Equipped with a powerful built-in speaker, all you need is a power outlet to instantly connect to the haunting, unmistakeable characteristics of sound that the ondes Martenot is famous for.

It is with the goal of sharing this expressive, dynamic electronic instrument that inspired the creator to devote himself to this legacy of love.

First developed in France in 1928, the ondes Martenot (Martenot's waves) takes its name from the unique, pure electronic tones the instrument produces through the expert manipulation of its sensitive and highly musical controls. There are in the vicinity of 600 pieces of music written for the instrument, all the more reason to keep this rare instrument from slipping into obscurity.

To find out more about the ondes Martenot, why not start with this Wikipedia entry or the article at the fantastic 120 Years of Electronic Instruments.

If you have specific questions about the Ondomo or the instrument it is based on, please don't hesitate to contact us - we'd be happy to speak with you about it.

Sales and Support

We currently have plans to produce a series of instructional videos aiming at familiarizing Ondomo owners with the use, maintenance, connection methods, etc. of their new analog instrument. Until this process is complete, all sales will continue to be face-to-face, either in Tokyo or during one of our visits to your country.

Each of the limited run of 100 instruments is assembled by hand with the utmost care, and the spirit of Martenot's legacy of continually improving his design lives on in our methods. As we expand the Ondomo family in this way, we appreciate your understanding and patience.

Purchase inquiries

Development of a complete online ordering process is underway, with an ETA for Spring 2017. In the meantime, to be added to the purchase list, or if you have any questions please send all inquiries to our e-mail below.

Legacy Of Love